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The general discussion group for members of the Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club of San Francisco. To subscribe send an email (a blank email will do) to  - or send a request to ( )
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  • DolphinClub | Out-of-CoveSwimTest / Dolphin Club Out-of-Cove Swim Test
    At the September 2108 Board Meeting, the board approved a motion authorizing the Swim Commissioners to conduct a test program for out-of-cove (OOC) swimming.  This is a subgroup, visible to all members, of volunteer participants in the test, specifically focused on the safety of swimming outside the cove to Fort Mason and around the eastern end of the breakwater to the Creakers.  The test will run between 30 – 90 days and each participant is required to record their swim experiences after each swim.  At the conclusion of the test, the swim commissioners will share results with the membership. Test Participants:  Please complete this survey following each out-of-cove swim (bookmark it on your phone).
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  • DolphinClub | wifi / WiFi Settings for Dolphin Club
    Updates for WiFi at the Dolphin Club.
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