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The general discussion group for members of the Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club. To subscribe send an email (a blank email will do) to  - or send a request to ( ) *Club Volunteer Leaders and Key Contacts - July 2019* Send additions and corrections to * BOARD OFFICERS* ** ** *BOARD OF GOVERNORS* *President* Diane Walton Jay Adams *Vice President* Davis Ja Natazha Bernie *Membership Director* Janice Wood Ken Coren *Treasurer* Chris Wagner Jay Dean *Recording Secretary* Andrea Morgan Lee Hammack *House Captain* John Hornor Joe Marenda *Boat Captain* Jon Bielinski Nanda Palmieri Dave Zovickian email board of governors at *SWIMMING* Swim Commissioners Kathleen Sheridan, Tim Kreutzen, Ryan Utsumi Database & Records Andrew Cassidy Check-in Eric Shupert Clean-up Neal Powers Clothes Wrangling Rebecca Wolski Galley Captain Nanda Palmieri Intro to Bay Swimming Lolly Lewis, Rose Levien Swim Trinkets Margaret Keenan Timing Polly Rose ** *ROWING* Rowing Commissioner Eric Lam Lake Merced Boathouse Captain Jim Storm Power Boat Commissioner Larry Heine Kayak Training Terry Horn, Brian Kiernan Pilot Training Jon Bielinski Shell Training OPEN Wooden Training Eric Lam, John Robiola Grizzly Challenge Fiona Smythe Motorized Skills and Safety Training Larry Heine, Holland Ja, Mark Gustin *OTHER ATHLETICS* DC/SERC TRI Captain OPEN EFAT Gina Rus Handball Captain Paul Brady Running Commissioner OPEN Weight Room Captain Robert Selsted *LOCKERS* ** Women's Locker Captain Jane Mermelstein Men’s Locker Captain David Zovickian *CLUB HOUSE* Gardens Susanne Fredrick, Andy Stone Deck Landscape Steve Krolik Green Team OPEN Pier & Deck Hands Stephen Crawford *SOCIAL* ** Entertainment Commissioner Robin Rome Book Club Kate Matthay, Anne Sasaki Club Mixer Todd Bloch, Nanda Palmieri ( ) , ( ) DC Forum Joe Illick Event Requests Janice Wood Ukulele Club Carolyn Hui *COMMUNICATIONS* ** Communications Committee Andrea Morgan Archives Morgan Kulla Dolphin Log Keith Howell Facebook James Dilworth James Dilworth Instagram Graham Tibbets Twitter Nancy Friedman Website Manager Alana Harrington *LOST & FOUND* Club & Women’s Locker Room Piper Murakami Men’s Locker Room Hal Offen *OTHER* ** Dolphin Foundation Chris Wagner Dolphin Youth Swim Fund Diane Walton Fundraising Committee OPEN Government Committee Ken Coren, Meg Reilly Renovation Committee Jay Adams, Peter van der Sterre Save Aquatic Park Pier Committee Diane Walton SWAG Andrea Morgan Volunteer Coordinator Natazha Bernie **************************** ************************** ********************** CLUB MANAGER JOHN INGLE ( )
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  • DolphinClub | Out-of-CoveSwimTest / Dolphin Club Out-of-Cove Swim Test
    At the September 2108 Board Meeting, the board approved a motion authorizing the Swim Commissioners to conduct a test program for out-of-cove (OOC) swimming.  This is a subgroup, visible to all members, of volunteer participants in the test, specifically focused on the safety of swimming outside the cove to Fort Mason and around the eastern end of the breakwater to the Creakers.  The test will run between 30 – 90 days and each participant is required to record their swim experiences after each swim.  At the conclusion of the test, the swim commissioners will share results with the membership. Test Participants:  Please complete this survey following each out-of-cove swim (bookmark it on your phone).
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  • DolphinClub | wifi / WiFi Settings for Dolphin Club
    Updates for WiFi at the Dolphin Club.
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